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What is MUT?

Simply the abbreviation for Madden Ultimate Team. MUT is a game mode within Madden NFL 17, where the players can build a fantasy team using an in-game, virtual currency.

What are Mut Coins? What are Madden 17 Coins?

MUT Coins are the in-game, virtual currency used to build your Madden Ultimate Team. Coins can be earned by completing numerous activities in the game, by purchasing packs from EA directly and then selling the cards on an Auction House, or our favorite, buying MUT Coins directly from us. These coins are then used on an Auction House to purchase different cards that you can use in-game. To see how many coins you currently have, look at the top right corner of the screen when you are inside the game mode. Anytime you purchase or sell a card your coin amount will update automatically.

>Why Buy Madden 17 Coins (MUT Coins)?

Why Buy Madden 17 Coins (MUT Coins)?


It takes way too much time to go buy packs, research all the prices, list and manage all the auctions, just to not get the amount of coins you expected. Solos and other in-game activities are boring and not worth the time invested. We deliver your coins normally within 10 minutes for instant results. This way you can buy the player(s) you want and get right back into the game.


Packs, bundles and other offers from EA are really expensive. Not only that, nothing is guaranteed. We buy packs and bundles almost every week to get a grasp on what someone can expect to get out of theirs. 95% of the time, buying Madden 17 coins directly would be cheaper. When time is taken into account, it’s not even close. Buying MUT Coins is the only way to go.

More Logical

We should be able to buy coins and the players we want. Time is so valuable and it makes no sense to play EAs game of luck with packs. Buying MUT coins and then purchasing the exact players you want makes complete sense.

How it Works


Step 1

Choose the console you use to play Madden 2017 Ultimate Team.

Step 2

Select the amount of coins you would like to purchase and enter your player card details.

Step 3

Complete payment for your coins. If you have any questions give us a call at 1-786-714-4224 or Live Chat with us.

Step 4

Place the card on the Auction House. We'll buy it, transferring the coins to you!


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I contacted four different websites, only one got right back to me immediately for my madden needs. Rob took time out of his day to call me, and make me feel at ease. After a few minutes I knew I was dealing with the right guy, and Rob confirmed that when he professionally walked me through each step. He went above and beyond for everything I asked of him, and was a total pleasure to deal with. Got off the phone feeling like I made a new friend, and I see myself using his services for many years to come. Thanks Rob, you treated me like family, not many people in business do that.

Jay Lock

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I honestly love this site, partly because I have a madden addiction but mostly because the customer service is phenomenal. This is my go to site and Rob is the man I recommend him no matter your situation. Great guy great site.


Thank you so much! I suck at knowing anything about his games and it is nice to get the great help that you gave. I will definitely be telling others about how great your site was and how you helped. My fellow non-gaming moms will be happy to have such a great site. Thanks again! Tonia


First time using this site, it was all legit and hassle free, even contacted me making sure that the charges were allowed to secure less fraud. Would use this site over and over again with less worries. Loved the experience

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